Monday 5th November 2018

All Systems Go

All systems go - road going into the distance

Last week, I approved the manufacturer’s second samples and gave the go ahead for the full production run to commence. I also approved the labelling, all of which has been carefully considered to reduce irritation to the skin (for example: heat transferred brand name and sizing information instead of label in neckline) and requested ghost mannequin photography so we can update the website and create a brochure before the production run completes. We will also be setting up a fashion shoot with models, but in the short-term, ghost imagery means we can provide visuals of each garment sooner.

All of these advancements are very exciting (and very scary). I’m trying to take a ‘one step at a time’ approach rather than looking up at the mountain ahead of me. In fact, it’s been quite gratifying to look back at where I came from. When you don’t have something tangible to show for your efforts, the pressure mounts quite quickly. You start wondering whether everyone thinks you’re not very good at this ‘starting a business’ thing after all, and – when you’re asked – “how’s the business going?” for the hundredth time and don’t have a significant milestone to report, you feel like a bit of a fraud.

I hope that the manufacturing process goes smoothly and that, when I can share these clothes with you, you’ll be as happy as I am with the results. That said, I know there’s room for improvement and this is what I’ll be striving to achieve with future collections. Keep giving me feedback and I’ll keep listening.