Kintsugi print skirt

Kintsugi print skirt

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Kintsugi print skirt

This A-line skirt is one of our favourites. The print, designed to resemble kintsugi, makes this piece unique, while the elasticated back and side Velcro fastening mean it’s easy to get in and out of. It has also been designed for women with indwelling catheters, featuring two deep front pockets, one of which has an opening on the inside. This allows for a bag to be placed in the pocket and its tube to be pulled through the lining.


  • Two deep front pockets, suitable for keeping all manner of things but designed with catheter bag users in mind. With the pocket and internal opening, catheter bags can be placed inside the pocket, eliminating the need for a leg bag.

  • Fabric is durable and the A-line design helps to conceal items kept in pockets.

  • Pockets have Velcro tabs to keep them closed.

  • Elasticated waistband and side Velcro fastening make the skirt more accessible.