Nicki jumpsuit

Nicki jumpsuit

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Nicki jumpsuit

We’re not supposed to have favourites, but between you and me, the Nicki jumpsuit ticks all the boxes. Forget struggling out of an all-in-one when you need a wee during a night out – this two-piece gives the illusion of being a regular jumpsuit.

We've named it after Nicki Donnelly, a former police officer who was injured in the line of duty. Nicki received six bravery commendations and a medal of exemplary bravery for having served her country. Oh, and did we mention she was also crowned Mrs British Empire in 2017? What a woman! 


  • Two-piece design is easier to put on when seated, and much easier to get out of when nature calls!
  • Side zips on top allow for easier access
  • Fluted sleeves don’t restrict movement – great for our girls in self-propelled wheelchairs
  • Side zips on bottoms provide easier access for those who self-catheterise
  • Silver trim around the neck adds extra glamour – no necklace needed!