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Olympia-Strike jeans

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Olympia-Strike jeans

You won’t find pockets at the hip with our gorge Olympia jeans. Instead they’re beside the knee, so items placed within them will sit behind the calf. Designed with wheelchair users in mind, the jeans also feature a higher back and rose gold side zips with ring pulls. 

Our Olympia jeans are named after athlete Anne Wafula Strike MBE who is also the founder of the Olympia-Wafula Foundation, an organisation that provides healthy living solutions for disabled and disadvantaged people. 


  • Pockets are located at the lower leg, making them more functional and convenient for wheelchair users.
  • The ring pulls on the side zips makes life a little easier for wearers with dexterity issues.
  • The denim fabric has been selected for stretchiness to ensure maximum comfort.