Our blue and grey cape is a firm favourite

Rosa May Cape

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Rosa May

As durable and wonderful as its Suffragette namesake, our Rosa May cape is designed to keep you warm without compromising on style. The colours, navy and grey, make for a classic pairing. The lining, our signature print, extends to the neckline to protect your skin from the outer fabric (we love wool, but it can be scratchy).


  • The cape is longer in the back than it is at the front, so it can be tucked underneath you when seated

  • As with all of our items, there are no protruding labels inside the garment. No need to get the scissors out!

  • Capes are fab, as there’s no need to rotate the shoulder and upper body to manoeuvre your arms into the sleeves, as with a jacket or coat. This makes it a great outerwear option for fashion-lovers with limited upper body mobility